Overcoming Obstacles In Life… Like a Squirrel?

“Overcoming Obstacles In Life… Like a Squirrel?” written by Guest Contributor.

You’ve probably heard of the pizza rat, the viral video of the New York City subway rat dragging a piece of pizza down some stairs. Well If you think that’s a lesson in strength and determination then you haven’t seen the killer squirrels in our yard.

At least I think they’re squirrels.

Overcoming Obstacles In Life… Like Our Squirrels

All I see is a flash of the gray furry tail and the remnants of a paper towel or napkin, strewn all of the yard. Evidence of the constant dumpster diving activity into our covered garbage cans.

Example of Our Squirrels Overcoming Challenges

How are they getting into the covered cans?

They bit through the hard black plastic with their little sharp teeth and made a hole big enough to fit their bodies inside the can.

Overcoming Obstacles In Life

They started with the black one and then I noticed today they’ve been nibbling on the green one.

Overcoming Obstacles In Life

Not only are unconquerably persistent and willing to chew through industrial strength plastic but their feats at hanging upside down to accomplish amazing feats because they’re willing to try what others believe is impossible.


Overcoming Obstacles In Life

Overcoming Challenges of Your Own

Have you ever had a challenge where you’ve had to chew through an obstacle or hang yourself upside down to accomplish your goals?

It might be something like owning a business or a challenging relationship.

Overcoming Our Own Challenges

For me, the first thing that comes to mind is overcoming obstacles to success in our online business.

When we started 3 years ago we had no online experience. And we’ve hit some bumps along the way. Technology changes and channels can get shut down.

If we didn’t have some “squirrel sense” determination to bite through those obstacles we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Tips On How to Overcome Challenges

When have you encountered difficulties so tough that you were tempted to stop trying?

What compelled you to keep going?

For us a few things really helped:

Like the squirrels who work in a pack, we found great mentors who were willing to show us what they knew. We developed a support system of like-minded entrepreneurs.

We took small, action steps every day. It took some time and determination for the squirrels to make that big hole in the black garbage can. It didn’t happen overnight. With anything worth doing, it takes time and determination to see it to fruition.

We were willing to take risks and do things we’ve never done before. The squirrels will hang upside down and do some pretty crazy things to get what they want. You will need to get our of your comfort zone and do some things that feel uncomfortable in order to succeed.

Final Thoughts… From Our Squirrels

So take some lessons from the killer squirrels in our yard. Persevere

  • find a good mentor
  • have a support system
  • Get uncomfortable
  • Eat through obstacles
  • Work at it every day

If you want it bad enough you will accomplish your goals

Overcoming Obstacles In Life


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Article: Overcoming Obstacles In Life

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