Are You Looking for the Path to Success?

Are You Looking for the Path to Success?

“Are You Looking for the Path to Success?” written by Guest Contributor.

The reality is that you’re going to run into obstacles on your path to success.

Some may be self-inflicted and some may be out of your control.

Regardless of the cause of the obstacle, it’s always an opportunity for growth.

The Path to Success

It’s not the big “wins” that cause you to stretch yourself but those things that happen to you that feel like failure that are your greatest times of growth.

Pain gets our attention like nothing else.

When we win we tend to pat ourselves on the back and coast but when we feel the sting of defeat or rejection it’s the best time to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and assess what went wrong, take responsibility and work hard to change anything that needs changing.

This is a huge opportunity and all it takes is the right mental attitude.

It’s Like A Workout

It’s kind of like bodybuilding.

When we want to get more tone or build stronger muscles we go to the gym and we work out. We lift heavier and heavier weights which causes some “damage” to the muscle fibers.


After your workout, your body repairs or replaces those damaged muscle fibers by fusing them together to form new and stronger muscle fibers that are increased in thickness and stronger.

Without the stress of the damaged fibers there would not be new tissue growth.


It’s the same with adversity If we were constantly on a smooth and easy path we don’t have the incentive for growth we coast.

It’s the “damage” of failure or loss that gets our attention enough to make changes.

There are countless examples of successful people who have achieved their success not in spite of their challenges but because of them.

  • Bill gates first business failed.
  • Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was four.
  • Jim Carey was homeless.
  • Steven Spielberg was rejected three times from film school.

All of these people didn’t allow failure to define them but used it as a springboard for great success.

Like building a muscle we are given as much success as we can handle by building strong tools to help us deal with the challenges that will come with success. Without these tools, we would not be able to handle all of the pressures of the degree of success we are intending.

Rejection or Failure Don’t Define You

Growth and change can be one of the hardest things you do in life. You have to decide it’s what you want and persevere.

Many are but few are called but few are chosen.

Don’t Give In To Fear

If you’re going through a challenge you will be afraid at times. Acknowledge it and greet it like a friend.



But then realize that you have a greatness inside you that is bigger and more powerful than any fear. Realize you are not alone and you wouldn’t be given these challenges if you were not equipped to handle them.

Move forward taking one step at a time and try not to think or plan too far out into the future. You will be helped and guided but it comes in the present moment. In times of panic, I find I want to overplan and feel more secure. It’s times like this when it seems counterintuitive to let go and surrender to what is happening.

Let go of the reins and realize you can only plan so far because each next step is dependent on the last one and in order to make the right decision you need to be in the present moment.

Your Support System

Have a great support system or mentor to help you through the rough spots. It should be someone who is knowledgeable and supportive. Be very selective about who you share things with.

Final Thoughts on the Path to Success

Be confident in your journey.

This will be a part of your amazing story and an inspiration to others.

There will be people in your life that will need to know how to overcome adversity to achieve the same level of success that you have now.

You will be an inspiration and a counselor to others in need.

Every time you overcome something difficult you develop the mental muscles and tools so that the next challenge is easier.

You were not called to live a life of ease but a life of greatness and inspiration to others and Its not always easy but it will definitely be worth it.

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Article: Are You Looking for the Path to Success?

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