Search Engine Optimization Training – SEO Content Writing Basics

“Search Engine Optimization Training – SEO Content Writing Basics” written by Mike Marko.

Have you been hearing about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and wanted to know more?

Or maybe you know what SEO is, and now want to learn how to implement it?

That’s what I am going to tell you more about today. Today’s blog post is an introduction to SEO content writing, or the content writing basics to get found online. This is the second in the series of blog posts on search engine optimization training.

Read on and listen to the video about SEO content writing basics, then continue going through the rest of the search engine optimization training in following blog posts. If you missed it, you can find the first in the series, Introduction to SEO, by clicking here.

SEO Content Writing – Content Writing Basics

In the following video, I talk about SEO content writing basics. This is one of many videos I have created, as part of my search engine optimization training to help you.

History Lesson on Search

Before search engines… there were the yellow pages. These ancient times were used to search for businesses or services like plumbers, auto mechanics, etc.
Ha, ha… ok. I had to have fun with that.

Seriously, though… search engines like Google killed the need for yellow pages. And now with the use of smart phones, people can search for anything they want when they want it just by asking their phones a question like “where is the nearest auto mechanic.”

It’s no wonder that yellow pages are a thing of the past.

Why Create Content for the Internet

When you search for something online, you will find a piece of content that satisfies your search. This content is often a blog post, but it can also be video, social media page, or static web page.

You create content so that you can be found online. The more content you write, especially based on around particular keywords, the greater the chance your content (and your website) can be found.

That is why you should create content as often as possible. (How Often to Update Blog)

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Determine Your Niche for SEO Content Writing

The next step is to pick a niche, or topic of focus, for your blog. If you blog about everything, you blog about nothing. It is better to focus your blog on a particular niche to help get more traffic.

The following blog posts talk about how to pick a blog niche for when you do SEO content writing.

How to Blog – How to Choose a Blog Niche

How to Choose the Right Niche For Your Blog

How to Pick a Blog Topic – When You Think “All of the Good Niches Are Already Taken”

Search Engine Optimization Training – SEO Content Writing Basics

Determine Your Customers

Once you have a blog topic, it is an important idea to start identifying your target audience. Later on, you can further redefine your target audience (and your niche) but you need a place to start.

The key here is, just like I mentioned in the niche section, you can’t write to EVERYONE. You need to pinpoint who your target audience is and focus on them. Your content will be a lot more personable then, and will better connect with your audience.

To help you determine your target customers so you can target your SEO content writing, check out the following blog posts:

How to Determine a Target Audience for Your Blog or Online Content 

How to Determine Your Target Audience Profile for Your Blog

Become the Leader In Your Niche

As you create content, you should continually get more knowledgeable in your niche. Keep learning. Keep reading books, paying for training and mentoring, mastermind, and generally endeavor to be the best in your field.

And as you learn, make sure you put what you learn into practice. That way you retain what you learn (and take advantage of it). After you have applied it at least once, you can then teach what you learned by creating content.

By doing this, you both become a stronger expert in your field AND you have no shortage of content ideas.

Building the TrafficSearch Engine Optimization Training – SEO Content Writing Basics

As you create content, you want to drive traffic to it. In future blog posts, we’ll talk about how to use SEO content writing to get organic search traffic to your content. You can also do PPC (Pay Per Click) to pay to have traffic directed to your work.

Refine Your Marketing

Finally, keep going over everything you are doing and see what you can tweak. The more content you write, the more research you do, the better you will get.
Your content, especially your blog, is an evolving piece of work. After implementing SEO content writing basics with your content, you can always go back over your work later on and improve.

You can also adjust the focus of your niche and target audience.

Don’t ever stop growing!

More Search Engine Optimization Training

Thank you for going through this SEO content writing basics blog post that I wrote for you.

Look for future search engine optimization training videos and blog posts to be released in the coming weeks. My goal is to teach you everything you need to know to help you get more organize search traffic from Google and other search engines.

Thank you, and happy blogging!

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Search Engine Optimization Training – SEO Content Writing Basics

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Article: Search Engine Optimization Training – SEO Content Writing Basics

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