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“SEO Tips and Tricks to Achieve Better Ranking” written by Mike Marko.

I get it…

Ranking high in search engine is daunting and challenging.

And while there are hundreds of SEO guides available on the internet, finding a simple guide can be difficult.

In my years of experience in SEO, I have gathered SEO tips and tricks that can drastically improve your ranking!

Using SEO or search engine optimization is the best and fastest way to reach the top spot in the search results. This process will make changes on your website to make it easier to find.

But then again, SEO is a complex process. Many website owners have no experience in doing this.

If you’re one of them, then this blog post can help you.

Reaching the top spot in search engine results isn’t that easy. But you can achieve a better ranking if you do these simple but effective SEO tips and tricks on your website.

Simple But Effective SEO Tips and Tricks

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be complicated, and may be hard to understand sometimes, but there are still optimizations that are easy to do.

Beginners like you should start with the basics first. Knowing the basic SEO will give you an idea of how you can further improve your website.

With this in mind, let’s start this simple SEO tips and tricks by finding the right keywords for your website.

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1) Find and Use the Right Keywords

Using the right keyword is the key to achieve success in link building, on-page SEO, and content marketing. Your target audience can easily find your content if you’re using the right keyword.

If you don’t know how to find the right keyword for your content, consider doing keyword research. This is the best way to find the keywords that are appropriate for your content.

Don’t worry about doing a keyword search because it’s not a hard task. There are some online tools that can help you do this.

To give you an idea about it, here are the best tools for finding keywords

  • Google AdWords Keyword Planner,
  • Google Trends,
  • Keyword,
  • Term Explorer,
  • SEMRush,
  • Ahrefs, and
  • Accuranker.


2) Use Keywords on On-Page Optimizations

Use keywords not only on your content but also in other aspects of your on-page optimization.

The on-page SEO makes changes on the following elements of your webpage:

  • Page Title,
  • Meta Description,
  • Headings,
  • Images, and
  • Content.

Keywords are mostly used in on-page SEO. It’s often added to your page title, Meta description, URL, H1, and H2.

However, be mindful of the number of keywords in your webpage. Your page could be demoted in rankings, or even removed if you use keywords too much.

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3) Avoid Over-Optimization

It’s easy to get carried away with SEO optimization. I’ve seen many websites fall into the “over-optimization” trap.

One of the negative things about over-optimization — specifically, content over-optimization — is that it’s obvious.

In fact, it’s so obvious that it destroys the overall quality of the content.

It’s also important to note that Google actually penalizes a website for this. Over-optimization

Includes these activities:

  • Keyword stuffing, and
  • Header tag stuffing.

So, best not to go overboard with those keywords!

What you should do here is set a specific keyword density score that must be strictly followed. Also, the keywords should also flow naturally in the content.

4) Be Mindful of Your Redirects

Watch your redirects. If they lead to content other than what search engines (or their users) expect, they count as “sneaky redirects”.

Not only will Google penalize your website for these, but they could also de-index it. And obviously, you don’t want that to happen.

Using sneaky redirects is also known as “cloaking”. It’s the process of showing previews of webpages to search engines and users that don’t match the actual webpages shown when users click on a link or URL.

This violates Google’s guidelines because this doesn’t give users expected results.

For website redirects, always make sure that they are relevant to the content. If not, better put it somewhere else relevant.

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5) Don’t Keyword-Stuff Your Meta Tags

This is also a common error that I’ve seen on many websites. By now, you already know how important it is to have your keywords in your meta tags.

However, many commit the common mistake of overstuffing the meta tags.

Some think that they are meta tags, anyway. Hence, they can stuff them with keywords without making them grammatically correct.

But Google can actually recognize keywords in title and description tags.

As such, it may very well recognize too when you’re stuffing them in those tags haphazardly.

What’s best is to not keyword-stuff your meta tags. Instead, set a primary keyword and secondary keywords that you can evenly distribute in your meta tags.

Also, as I mentioned, your keywords should naturally flow in the content. The same rule applies to your meta tags.

6) Never Link to a Bad Neighborhood

When I say “bad neighborhood”, I mean the spammy websites online.

This can actually hurt your site’s ranking and you might take a blow from Google. Always make sure that your links redirect to credible websites as much as possible.

A linked spammy website in your content can hurt your rankings.

What you should do here is to only link credible resources. This also means that you have to determine first if the site you’re about to link to is credible or not.

This may take some time, but it’s vital to the SEO process. Plus, it’s going to be worth it.

7) Make Use of Images

Another SEO tip is about using images in your content. Images give life to an article, so to speak. But more than that, images play a huge role in SEO.

Just like texts, Google bots analyze images as well.

However, in able to make an image useful, you need to name it properly.

Make use of the alt text attribute in your HTML and XHTML documents. The alt text of your image should clearly describe the photo so Google can understand what’s in the image.

Another reason why alt text is vital is that it helps your visitors to know what the image is if the image won’t display.

To edit the alt text in your HTML, look for this tag: <img src=”smiley.gif” alt=”Smiley face”>

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8) Build High-Quality Backlinks

Building high-quality backlinks is one of the most important SEO tips and tricks.

Backlinks are links on other websites that are leading back to your website. You can get a higher rank in the search results if you have high-quality backlinks.

Websites that have a larger number of backlinks are more relevant to a search query. That’s because the number of backlinks determines the popularity of a website.

Unlike the other items here in our blog post about SEO tips and tricks, building backlink isn’t part of the on-page SEO. It’s part of the off-page search engine optimization.

The Off-page SEO is more complicated than on-site SEO. It’s advisable to hire an SEO expert to do this for you.

A simple mistake in the off-site elements of your webpage could harm your site’s ranking on search results. If you find this difficult, never be afraid to ask SEO professionals for help.

9) Make Original Content for Your Site

Lastly, you need to have high-quality content as it can increase your ranking too. Google’s algorithm currently prioritizes websites with high-quality content.

Your content should be informative and interesting to get the attention of your target audience.

However, you should avoid posting auto-generated or copied content from another website. Doing this won’t help you in reaching a higher ranking in search results.  It can actually hurt you.

That said, always create original content.

It’s not difficult!

You just need study your niche and look for the topics that’ll capture their interests.

Aside from that, it’s also advisable to make content that’ll answer your audience’ questions.

Once you have an idea for your content, consider checking the works of the influencers in your niche. Doing this will give you an insight on how you can create better content for your audience.

Before you publish your content, don’t forget to add keywords to it strategically. What’s more, make sure to spend some time to proofread your content.

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Final Thoughts on SEO tips and Tricks

In this blog post, I talked about SEO tips and tricks. SEO or search engine optimization will help you reach a high ranking on search results.

To effectively use SEO on your website, always conduct a keyword research. You need to add keywords on your on-site SEO to increase the visibility of your site on the internet. But apart from that, you also need to give attention to your off-site SEO such as backlink building.

Backlinks will help you reach the top spot in the search results. Google prioritizes websites with quality backlinks.

You should also be mindful of over optimization. Make sure keywords flow naturally within the content.

The same goes for your meta tags. Google can easily recognize keyword stuffing and they might not just penalize your site, they can also de-index it.

It’s also important that you only link to credible websites. Google may penalize you if you link to spammy websites.

You also have to be mindful of your website redirects.

Lastly, don’t forget to optimize images on your website and always provide high-quality content for your audience. High-quality content will do wonders not only for your site but for your overall results online as a business.

That’s why it’s important that you take the time to create quality content that will really appeal to your target audience. Provide solutions to them, and you’ll win their hearts!

By performing these simple SEO tips and tricks, you’ll achieve better SEO ranking!

To learn more about SEO, make sure to check out my blog A Beginner’s Guide to SEO.

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SEO Tips and Tricks to Achieve Better Ranking - Mike Marko

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