Social Media Content Ideas | Content Creation Basics

Social Media Content Ideas

“Social Media Content Ideas | Content Creation Basics” written by Mike Marko.

I’m sure you have heard it before…

Social media is a vital marketing channel for businesses of all sizes. It’s just as important for a consultant promoting his services.  So you have to make sure you are using it.

Sure… that’s easy to say. But how do you actually do that?

Social media marketing is more than throwing favorite pictures up online. You need to have a plan (like we discussed previously in the blog post, Essential Tips On How to Create A Social Media Marketing Plan) and content to post.

Since we already talked about the social media marketing plan, today I want to talk to you about your social media content ideas.

Social Media Content Ideas for Consultants

Before we dive in, let’s start off with a video that I shot to give you an overview…

VIDEO: Social Media Content ideas

In the following video I talk about social media content ideas.

Now that you have watched the video, let’s talk about the social media content ideas in more detail.

Social Media Content Ideas In Detail

Let’s walk through each piece of content in details starting with…

1. Video

Video is powerful.  With video, you can more easily connect with your audience.

They begin to feel they get to know you as you instruct, present, or even be yourself.

There are lot of different ways you can use video:

  1. Create A How To Video.  When you create a how to video (like the video above) you can both educate, while the audience gets to know you.  Topics can be tips, how-to-guides, customer stories, user-generated content, etc… the list goes on.
  2. Go Live.  Facebook live is a great way now to really connect with your audience AND Facebook gives you Facebook Live videos some additional priority in the newsfeed… you’ll get a bigger reach.  You’ll get a much bigger reach with Faceboo live, and people tend to watch it much longer than any other video format.
  3. Live Interviews.  You can interview people live using live streaming video.  You can later edit the video using tools like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.  Try interviewing a colleague, customer, or industry expert and then upload the video directly to Facebook and LinkedIn.

Typically, I recommend using videos of 60 seconds or less for “cold traffic” or people who do not know you.  Your videos can increase to five minutes for “warm traffic” or people who know about you a bit.

Reserve even longer videos for raving fans… and then use them sparingly.  I would rather break up a 30 or 60 minute course into 5 to 10 videos so they are easier to consume.

Note that it’s better to upload video to platforms when you can.

Suitable for: Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram (under 60 seconds).

2. Blog Posts

You talk to me in person about blog posts…

And I won’t stop telling you how important they are to your consulting business.  We even added content creation to our list of services to help consultants like yourself create content.

Some advantages of blog posts include:

  1. You “own” your content.  Anything you create and publish on your website is yours and you minimize the risk of losing it.
  2. You can use it for retargeting.  When you install tracking codes on your website, you can use it to retarget people who visit your website pages and target them with appropriate ads.
  3. You show that you are an authority in your niche.  When you have content on your website that is helping your visitors, they begin to associate you as a resource of knowledge that can help them.

And the list goes on.

When you have blog posts you can post them into platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  Socially syndicating your blog posts is a great way to promote yourself.  Plus you can eventually get some of the content to rank in Google for more traffic.

And I haven’t even touched the power of doing paid ad traffic to your blogs… that’s when you can really explode the power of your blog posts.

Learn how to write content to rank in Google in this blog post: How to Get Leads With A Blog | How to SEO Blog Posts.

When you combine video and blog posts together… you have the perfect combination.

Suitable for: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube (when linked from a video to a blog post for more information).

Social Media Content Ideas -_blog_post

3. Facebook Notes

A lot of people are not taking full advantage of Facebook Notes.

Notes have been a Facebook fixture for years… They are teasers of the blog articles from your website or supplemental articles created to complement the content marketing that you post on your website.

These snippets and articles live on your Facebook business page in the Notes section.  They then link the reader back to your website to read the full article or related content.

This way you can take full advantage of getting traffic to your blog posts.  You can have you content show up in the feed of your followers easier.  Plus these notes help build backlinks to your blog posts.

Suitable for: Facebook (though LinkedIn has it’s own equivalent article feature).

4. Curating Content of Others

Ok… I get it.

You may not have the time or resources to write a ton of content.

Or if you are just getting started creating content, it will take a while to build up enough to share with your audience.

That’s why you’ll also want to share content from other people that will be pertinent to your target audience.

Sure you’re promoting these other people and their content, but if you are wise about your selection and use a tool like, sharing other people’s content is the next best thing.  You can use to get a lot of the advanges that you get from sharing your own content.

Social Media Content Ideas - syndicating content with sniply

It’s still not as good as having your own content… but it’s a great substitute.

Suitable for: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube (when linked from a video to a blog post for more information).

5. Memes & Quote Images

Memes and quote images are a great way to mix things up.  I started off calling them “quote images”, but lately realized the real name is “meme”.

They are a bit of a “cheat” for me, but they do help get some exposure in the social media feed.  Each like or interaction helps increase the likelihood of someone noticing you in the feed.

If you add in branding that includes your own image, that only adds to the effectiveness of the meme.

They are also good for adding variety to your social media wall… helping you hit the different personality types.

Suitable for: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (best with rectangular – landscape images), Pinterest, Google+, Instagram.

Social Media Content Ideas - memes and quote images

6. Infographics

Infographics are a powerful to illustrate to your audience how something works.

According to a blog post by HubSpot, Mass Planner found that infographics are liked and shared three times more than other any other type of content.

But just like images in social media posts, the quality bar for infographics has increased over the years. I believe the best infographics share helpful, relevant information with the audience.

Suitable for: Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and to some degree Twitter.

7. Questions/Surveys

Pose simple, basic questions that your followers can answer quickly.

Take the opportunity to ask for what your audience wants more of… so you can both direct your content being posted AND know where you need to focus your services.

Surveys are a more powerful way to get the pulse on your target market.

Suitable for: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram.

Struggling Getting the Business Success You Deserve - yellow text 3

8. Statements/Information

That’s right.. just stating things on social media can be a powerful way of connecting with your social media audience is is therefore one of my favorite of the social media content ideas.

It can be as simple or complex a message as you want.

The idea is to get people to interact with the post as much as possible (even clicking to read more of the post).

Use social media to announce news, give your thoughts, or even wish your audience a great weekend or Happy Holidays!

Final Thoughts About Social Media Content Ideas

In this blog post we talked about social media content ideas. It can be tough to come up with ideas for your social media… and you don’t want to be posting the same stuff over and over… it can be boring.

That’s why it’s important to look at all the ideas we presented today.

If you need help with your social media content, planning your services and/or products, running marketing campaigns like Facebook ads, or creating capture pages or lead magnets, then feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different consulting options we offer. Or use the link below to apply for your “results in advance” free consultation and let’s get started right away:

How to Advertise on Facebook with Paid Advertisements

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