Tecademics review

“Tecademics Review From A Non-Affiliate: Get The Facts Before Joining!” written by Mike Marko.

A Tecademics Review

I guess you just found me on Google while searching for a Tecademics review, or maybe you just wanted to check out that fact that there are some people bashing Tecademicss name and saying it’s a scam!

I’ve helped a lot of people online and I’m a super affiliate. I’m going to give you the full run down of what you need to know so that you can make your own judgment call.

In this blog article, I am going to be talking about the overall concept of the Tecademics  business, and the real flaw that I see with people marketing it!

I am not going to be wasting your time by telling you about the price points for this business opportunity and and things like that! Instead, I will be talking about the overall concept that the Tecademics guys are following, and give my honest Tecademics  review.

After that you can decide if this is something that you find suitable for yourself and would like to get started with!

By the way, I would like to make it very clear that I am NOT an affiliate with Tecademics or anything like that. This Tecademics  review is all based off my research and what I think you need to do to make it successful.

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Before we dive into the Tecademics review, let’s answer the obvious question…

What is Tecademics Review

Tecademics is known as the College of Internet Marketing. It is a special advancement worldwide of multi-level advertising that crosses the obstacles between items, services, as well as training. On the outside, it is a NETWORK MARKETING associate business. They supply three distinct products and individuals who aid make the sales get to take home a section of the cash.

Naturally, the associate commission framework usually leads to the embellishment of exactly what an item or firm can in fact accomplish. Finding truthful testimonials of the product can be difficult. The purpose below is to provide a 100 percent honest evaluation of Tecademics by looking at its maker, its item, its assurances, its prices, as well as just what it in fact accomplishes. Attributes, advantages, pros, as well as disadvantages, will all be covered too.

Tecademics was as soon as called the Internet Marketing College and also permanently reason. As mentioned, it is an affiliate advertising company, but the product they offer is an internet marketing education program. Several of them to be exact.

Tecademics Reviews – Tecademics Products

There are three Tecademics’ products:

1. TEC ($ 100/mo)

The groundwork of TecAdemics is “TEC”, or “The Entrepreneur Club”.
$ 100/mo obtains you total access.

It’s the foundational education, showcasing regular training, an interactive forum, and popping off with “certified online tutors”, so it’s not just a place loaded with newbies.

The TEC will have different subjects that students can prefer to learn from, consisting of e-commerce, web marketing, Facebook advertisements, list building, YouTube marketing, Google AdWords, social media sites advertising, e-mail marketing, drop-shipping, etc, and so on.

2. I.M.P.A.C.T. ($ 2,000)

Following product is IMPACT, shown by Chris Record.
This product opts for $2,000.

These are advanced residence research study programs that will certainly enter into further deepness– much more for the innovative marketing expert.

Essentially, it’s a video safe, so you could go at your very own rate … but it will certainly come equipped with lesson proficiency and also quizzes prior to opening future lessons, making it an extra educational experience.

3. Master’s Tuition ($ 10,000)

The top-shelf product is the Master’s tuition.
This sets you back $10,000.

It sounds like this item consists of a week-long training (private mastermind) in Arizona … however 3-4 times a year.

These are the technology marketing professionals who’re ready to companion and collaborate with the realest and illest in the advertising and marketing video game. At these workshops, people will certainly have the possibility to obtain one-on-one interaction and also mentorship from people that’s currently squashing their craft.

…let’s take a look at the business opportunity….

Struggling Getting the Business Success You Deserve - yellow text 3

Tecademics Business Opportunity Review

Like any network marketing company, when you sponsor a person into the business you get paid on the product pack they purchase. Personally, I love recruiting but it’s one of the factors of failure in businesses and I will get into that later, just pay attention and keep reading…

Tecademics Compensation Plan

  • In the Tecademics compensation plan, it pays affiliates to market these courses to retail clients and sponsors other associates to develop a team.
  • Each product you see in Tecademics is dealt with as a separate tier in the compensation strategy as well as affiliates must qualify for them.
  • When you join Tecademics as an affiliate, you must trigger the item by either marketing it to a customer or simply buying it on your own.
  • This activation sale pays 40% of the item cost to the associate who sponsored them.
  • Which appears like this:
  • $40 each month for a TEC membership
  • $800 for IMPACT
  • $4000 for MASTERS

Currently once triggered, the payments from the following two sales of a product on a certified rate are split 20%/ 20% in between the upline.

This is just what that resembles:

  • $20 a month for TEC subscription
  • $400 for Impact and
  • $2000 for Masters

As soon as you make 3 sales on any kind of rate, you could currently get paid the complete 40% on the following 4 sales.

On every fifth sale, the 40% payment is once again after that split between you as well as your upline.

  • I know it’s a little confusing so let’s wrap-up:Very first sale on any type of rate is an activation sale (40% compensation paid to upline).
    Second as well as third sales divided 40% compromise between associate as well as upline.
  • Next four sales pay out 40% payment to the associate.
  • The 5th, as well as every fifth sale after that, is split 40% compromise in between associate and also upline.

Matching Bonus Payout

As soon as any Tecademics associate gains $100,000 in payments, they are paid an additional $100,000 for a 100% match.

When a Tecademics affiliate hits $1,000,000 in earnings, they once again receive one more $1,000,000.

You have to strike those earnings within 36 months from joining to qualify.

Cost To Join Tecademics

The actual Tecademics affiliate subscription is complimentary.

If you choose to self-receive a commission, the price of purchasing the Tecademics items is $100 per month then $2000, $10,000 or $12,000.

There is an additional package inside of Tecademics called Elite Fam Expert and it’s 12,000 that includes a full year of TEC club membership.

Digital Altitude Home Business

Tecademics Is a Scam- Not True!

Many of you will find Tecademics to be just another network marketing or business opportunity and from what I’ve seen a lot of people are doing very well with it. It is not much different than anything else out there.

I don’t think Tecademics is a scam. The people calling any company a scam should be a red flag to you… it really tells you something about themselves.

If they had time to bash a company another leader or a product do you think they’re really that successful?

Most of these people failed to make a living online or just want to flip you into another offer. They make a quick buck and move onto the next thing.

I see a VERY big problem with the people trying to promote their Tecademics business.

They are taking one of the hardest, if not the hardest routes imaginable!  They are going to friends and family trying to sell the products.

With that approach you will get a lot more no’s (or ignores) than you will get yes’s.

The way I and other successful people do it is having a blog! And this blog needs to be independent of any offers you are trying to promote.

That is by far the simplest way I have found of having your long term business that you can rely on!

I even have jot down the simple 4 step process that you need to follow if you wanted to get started the smart way!

4 Stages of Starting Your Tecademics Business, the Right Way!

1) Having Your Own Blog

So as I have said already, you need to have your own blog!

While it might sound like a big deal and a lot of work, trust me, it’s not!

Setting up a blog is super easy now a days and there are hosting companies that will even do it for you!

Once you have a blog, you now have a platform that you can get started with marketing!

2) Picking Good Keywords!

In this step, you are simply trying to find out which keywords you would like to start ranking for!

It’s as simple as finding out which field or which business opportunity offer you want to get started with!

You need to know exactly which keyword you want to get ranked for.

And yes, this does include a little bit of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well, but you don’t need to get overwhelmed even if you have never heard about SEO.

That is relatively easy and you can learn how in my bootcamp training.

3) Delivering Content

After the first two steps, you simply need to start writing and delivering good content to your followers.

If your content is really good, informative and insightful, people will start getting attracted to you and they will start looking at you as an authority to follow in your field!

4) Getting Them On Your List!

This step will literally separate you from most sales people out there in the field who just simply want to start selling right after meeting people!

You want to let people know that you are different!

You need to make your main focus to build your email list because it’s a digital asset. You can send an email to your list and make money anytime.

But….there is a bigger picture than that.

You want to get the people on your list to love you by helping them and creating great content because when they trust you they will follow your every work, buy whatever you’re selling and be begging for more.

Compared to the typical hard sell, which isn’t fun.

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Tecademics Review Summary

Now you know the basics, but there is more to it than that.

There is so much I can teach you about doing this traditional business the right way and how to have your Tecademics business booming in no time.

Subscribe to my email list below and get my step by step boot camp training that will teach you how to generate leads and sales for your Tecademics business, or any business opportunity you want to promote.

Hope my honest Tecademics review helped you!

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free bootcamp training mini course internet marketing - mike marko - smm - seo - search engine optimization

Mike Marko - Tecademics Review From A Non-Affiliate - Tecademics Review

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Article: Tecademics Review | Is Tecademics Legit or is Tecademics a Scam?