Entrepreneur’s Top 7 Tips on Digital Marketing YouTube

“Entrepreneur’s Top 7 Tips on Digital Marketing YouTube” written by Mike Marko.

Marketing on YouTube is not easy…

Trust me…

I know.

My YouTube videos didn’t go well at the beginning.

But in my years of experience, I learned the “secrets” on how to be a rockstar YouTube marketer.

It requires a lot of effort to create compelling and viral content for digital marketing YouTube. It needs thorough planning and time to strategize your video content and marketing schemes. It can be complicated sometimes.

But not because it’s complicated means it’s not doable. All you need is to perform effective strategies properly.

That’s why today i want to give you 7 digital marketing YouTube tips to help you get a headstart in using YouTube effectively for your business’ marketing success.

Top 7 Digital Marketing YouTube Tips

Digital Marketing YouTube is a powerful tool in marketing for your business. And if you’re not using YouTube to market your business yet, then you’re missing a lot of opportunities for your enterprise.

Almost all social media platforms are now encouraging the creation and sharing of video content. And YouTube, as the second most popular website in the world, is one that you should not miss out.

If you want to drive high traffic and leads, and drive sales then it’s time for you to incorporate these digital marketing YouTube tips.

Digital Marketing on YouTube

Videos already changed the online marketing industry. There’s no denying how videos on the internet have reached a critical mass.

That explains why YouTube marketing must be an essential strategy for your business.

Unlike texts and images, videos are more interactive, personal, and engaging. You also have a bigger opportunity to hook your viewers to perform an action as they watch your videos.

It’s vital to learn digital marketing YouTube strategies to help your business move forward on online success.

Here are top 7 tips you can start with…

1. Publish Unique and Powerful Content

Creating high-quality, unique, and compelling video content is one of the key secrets of an effective digital marketing YouTube strategy.

If you published videos already, recheck them and see if they are of best quality. If not, then it’s time to improve them.

You need to make sure your content can live to compete with other brands on YouTube. There are already millions of videos on YouTube, and most of them are entertaining, captivating, and educational.

So how can you ever stand out?

The secret is to create original and unique video content. Do not focus on the competition out there.

Instead, focus on what you will have to share to your viewers and how they would benefit in your video.

You also have to give life to your YouTube content. You can be part of the video or let the real world be part of it. Embrace yourself as your own YouTube’s actor, and let your audience sneak into your life and start driving inspiration.

You may choose between creating inspiring videos, educational videos, and funny videos. Whatever you want, make sure it lines with your niche. Then focus on doing more of that video.

2. Use Attention-Grabbing Thumbnails

Thumbnails are not just a simple preview image of your video. They play a significant role in getting the attention of YouTube users.

Use thumbnail images that draw attention and entice a click.

There are a lot of the same content on YouTube, and the only way to distinguish yourself from them is through Thumbnails.

By default, YouTube automatically picks a thumbnail for your video (a random screenshot from your video). You can select the thumbnail from your video, OR you can create a custom thumbnail.

When uploading your video, make sure to click “Custom Thumbnail” option.

For old videos with poor thumbnails, you can change their thumbnails by selecting “Video Manager,” then click “Edit,” then select “Custom Thumbnail.”

Make sure to follow these guidelines when selecting and uploading your custom thumbnail:

  • Have 1280 x 720 resolution. Low-res thumbnails draw in much fewer clicks.
  • Upload images in PNG, BMP, JPG, and GIF formats.
  • Keep the image size under 2 MB.
  • Keep a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Lastly, use bold colored texts to express the value of the content in your videos.

3. Optimize Your Channel Page

Your channel page must drive audiences to web-links and landing pages. That’s why optimizing it will be part of your digital marketing YouTube strategies.

Invest time in writing the copy for your channel page. Explain your goal, your brand, and your company information. It’s best that you keep it short and straightforward.

You can also add links to your websites, social media profiles, and product landing pages. Doing so will help your viewers navigate and check you from outside YouTube. This will then means an opportunity for them to buy the services you sell.

Make sure that you also leverage the channel banner to add links to your websites and social profiles. Also, remove clutter and make your channel page more appealing. It’s also best to add proper calls to action.

Use a relevant avatar image. You can make use of your brand logo to make it more distinguishable.

To help you optimize your YouTube channel and videos, you may use video marketing tools.

4. Always Incorporate Call-to-action

It’s vital to include a CTA or call-to-action in all your videos. Most influencers, and even casual YouTubers, use CTA buttons to encourage viewers to take action upon watching the videos.

Through CTA, you can encourage your viewers to watch your next video, subscribe to your channel, share your video, or hit like. CTAs also give you an opportunity to invite your viewers to events of your business.

At the end of the video, show a large card with a clickable button. Or you can film yourself in doing a call-to-action. You can also add your links, promotional and explanatory content, or a transcript of the video in the description box.

5. Promote Across Your Channels

Promoting your videos to different social media channels can increase viewership for your YouTube videos. Your social media channels take a great part in driving your YouTube traffic.

You can start by inserting links to your YouTube channel in email signatures.

Another option is to add a curated list of your best videos for your next email newsletter. Not only that, but you can also write a blog post about your video, share what you did and the lessons you learned on it.

Promoting your videos in your social media channels is the best way to bring in a high-quality audience and increase in views instantly.

Learn more about how you can increase your YouTube views. Make sure to check this blog: Key Secrets on How to Get Views on YouTube.

6. Consider Making your Video Mobile-Friendly

With the rise of smartphones, avid YouTube users watch videos through their phones. Studies found that YouTube mobile users are twice as likely to pay close attention while watching compared to monitor or TV viewers.

So make sure your videos are mobile-friendly. Your aim should be to be seen in various device screen sizes.

Your video content should be visible on both an iPhone (640px wide) and a large monitor (1920px wide). Your audience expects a great experience no matter how they choose to engage with your content.

Do your best in making your videos lively in any devices.

7. Strengthen Your Engagement Factor

Engagement is everything!

After all your efforts in making the best of your digital marketing YouTube strategy, everything will be worthless without engagement.

It’s vital to respond to comments as often as possible. Give responses humanly.

You can also subscribe to users’ YouTube channels and leave positive feedback. In return, they’ll do the same thing to your channel and videos too.

You can also create response videos, and create videos your viewers request or suggest. This better give them an idea that you hear out to their suggestions.

Another thing is to collaborate with other brands and influencers. This helps in driving real and organic traffic to your videos.

Lastly, run a quick contest or survey to gather audience feedback, get some user-generated content, and share some freebies. People love giveaways, and that should be a way to let them know you value them.

Final Thoughts on Top 7 Digital Marketing YouTube Tips

There you have it, today I outlined seven digital marketing YouTube tips to help you succeed on YouTube marketing.

Having good content and recording interesting videos isn’t enough.  As we discussed, you also need to:

  • Publishing powerful and unique content.
  • Using distinctive thumbnails.
  • Optimizing your Channel Page.
  • Using proper call to action or CTA.
  • Promoting from beyond YouTube.
  • Making videos mobile-friendly.
  • Lastly, strengthening your user engagement.

If you still have questions on the tips on digital marketing YouTube, you can just leave it in the comments below.  Also be sure to check out this Business Owner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing.  

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