How to Be Among the Top Selling Products on Instagram

How to Be Among the Top Selling Products on Instagram - Top Selling Products on Instagram

“How to Be Among the Top Selling Products on Instagram” written by Mike Marko.

The top selling products on Instagram are generally those with the best promotion.

In other words, they’ve received a lot of exposure on the platform.

For the most part, that exposure has been intentionally directed. That is, the companies making these products have invested time and effort in marketing them to consumers.

That their efforts paid off is good news for other online vendors. It means they can get in the top selling products on Instagram too by learning how to market their goods on the network.

If that’s why you’re reading this post, you’re in luck. I’m going to show you how to get the exposure your products need to be among the top selling products on Instagram.

With the 5 techniques below, your products will get more consumer interest than ever. That can translate to more leads and sales — and only good things for your business’s future.

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5 Ways to Get into the Top Selling Products on Instagram

Wanting to get your stuff into the top selling products on Instagram is understandable. The platform is becoming a great source of leads for a lot of brands.

In fact, 72% of Instagram users have bought something they saw on Instagram. Plus, the release of the Instagram Shoppable feature has only made selling on the platform easier.

With Instagram Shoppable, qualified vendors in 46 countries (and managed partners in 27 others) can tag products on their Instagram content. More than that, they can link those products to their online stores or catalogues.

An even more recent feature, Checkout on Instagram, allows in-stream purchasing on the platform. It’s still in the closed beta phase, but looks promising.

After all, if it gets approved for widespread use, customers will have fewer steps to take to complete a purchase. As we all know, that can only be good for conversions.

In sum, Instagram’s potential for e-commerce is getting bigger and better.

If your business sells physical products, you should be getting in on the action. That means developing a strategy to get your goods into the top selling products on Instagram.

As I said earlier, this is largely a matter of getting your Instagram marketing right. The top selling products on Instagram are generally those that get the most exposure.

So how can you ensure that for your own products? I’ve listed 5 tips below that can help you. With luck, these strategies can get your wares into the top selling products on Instagram.

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Combine Flash Promos with Instagram Stories

Flash promos are time-sensitive promotions like product discounts or special offers. Why the “flash” in the name? Because these are promos that last for only a short period.

They can be very effective at getting consumer interest. They urge the consumer to make a purchasing decision faster because they’re only available for a limited time.

So flash promos can be a good idea if you’re trying to get into the top selling products on Instagram.

Now while you can publish flash promos in your regular content, Instagram Stories may be an even better medium for them.

That’s because Instagram Stories themselves are only available for a limited time. In fact, they only last 24 hours.

After that, they vanish and can’t be viewed any longer.

More than 300 million users view Instagram Stories each day. Again, part of their popularity comes from their time-sensitivity.

Many people are more willing to view them instantly because they know they can’t do it any more once the time period is up.

So releasing Stories — whether in video or photo format — can be a good way to push products with a flash promotion. It adds the urgency of the flash promo to the urgency of the Instagram Story.

That can only enhance user interest in the promotion. Again, that means a better chance of getting in the top selling products on Instagram.

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Do User-Tagging Promos

This is another promotion that can be effective at getting your goods into the top selling products on Instagram. Once more, it does so by boosting exposure for those products.

User-tagging promos milk Instagram’s social character for all it’s worth. Do them by providing a lottery/draw giveaway of the product you want to promote.

To qualify for the draw, users should tag X number of friends they believe would like the product (or something to that effect).

You may also want to require those entering the draw to follow your Instagram account.

The nice thing about this is that it doesn’t cost you that much, especially if you’ve limited the winners to just a handful of persons. You might even limit it to just one winner!

At the same time, users don’t have to pay for anything to enter the draw. Tagging friends costs them nothing too.

That makes the bar for contest entry very low, encouraging more users to participate.

Even the friends they’ve tagged on your post are likely to enter the giveaway once they see the promo.

This keeps the ball rolling on your product promotion… which can improve your sales thanks to exposure. It may lead to the promoted product becoming one of the top selling products on Instagram.

Use Influencers

This is still one of the most effective ways to get goods into the list of top selling products on Instagram.

Influencers are people with a lot of pull (or, in more concrete terms, followers) in your niche.

For example, if you’re selling protein and health shakes, a possible influencer might be a fitness and nutrition guru.

Having influencers post content of them using and enjoying your products can boost sales of those items.

Just be sure to pick the right influencer. Furthermore, ensure they’re clear on what they’re supposed to do.

You don’t want to accidentally end up with an influencer who pulls a Scott Disick by including the instructions for the ad copy in the actual post.

That’s not the way to get into a list of the top selling products on Instagram. It’s more likely to get you in a list of the top marketing fails on Instagram instead.

Remember too to have your chosen influencer tag you in the post. As long as there’s a link to your store or website in your bio, users should be able to find your product.

Moreover, consider adding a discount or promo element to influencer promotions. For example, give the influencer a discount code to publish in the promotional post.

That will enhance the post’s call to action and encourage even more users to purchase the product.

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Employ User-Generated Content

User-generated content is content made by consumers as opposed to content made by brands. You should consider using it to get your items in the top selling products on Instagram.

First, because it shows other consumers using the product. That’s an endorsement from another consumer, which can sometimes be more effective than an ad from a brand.

Second, it encourages the original content creator to promote the post for you.

After all, they want others to see their work even after you’ve reshared it. Tag them on the post and encourage them to tag others.

To encourage people to submit content for your brand, you may have to run a promo.

Offer something in return for the best content. Post content from “candidates” for the winner.

Offer participants a chance to win something that may become one of the top selling products on Instagram thanks in part to them.

Just create a unique hashtag with your brand name and ask contestants to use it in their posts.

Use Instagram Ads

As I said earlier, Instagram Shoppable now lets you link to your store straight from within organic content. But Instagram Ads can still be of use to anyone trying to land wares in the top selling products on Instagram.

This is partly because of Instagram’s robust ad targeting options.

Remember that Instagram Ads run on the Facebook Ad platform. This has some of the best targeting options among social networks.

Ads let you push promotional content to the precise people you consider your ideal customers. They even let you retarget those who’ve shown interest previously in what you offer.

When using Instagram Ads, by the way, be sure to create dedicated landing pages for them.

These can improve your conversion rate and boost your chances of getting into the list of top selling products on Instagram.

Just be sure to make high-quality Instagram Ads. Keep them scannable, focused on your call to action, and consistent with the ad’s argument.

For example, if the ad argued that the product is valuable to the consumer because it can help him do an everyday task quicker, provide added proof for that in the landing page.

You may even use social proof or highlight a user review on the landing page relative to that point. It can show that other consumers think the product worthy of being among the top selling products on Instagram.

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Final Thoughts on Getting in the Top Selling Products on Instagram

As you can see, there are many ways to get goods into the top selling products on Instagram.

I’ve given you 5 techniques for doing that in this article. To recap, here they are again:

  • Combine flash promos with Instagram Stories so that users feel more urgency about buying your products.
  • Employ user-tagging in promotions to increase your reach.
  • Partner with influencers who can endorse your products to their followers.
  • Source user-generated content for your product posts.
  • Use Instagram Ads to target specific consumer audiences.

All of these can help you get your best products in front of more people.

Again, because Instagram is so visually-oriented, that’s half the battle when you’re selling on it. A lot of Instagram users are willing to buy products they see on the platform — they just need to see it first.

So learn how to do your marketing if you want to get in the top selling products on Instagram. Use the methods I listed above to get your products more exposure, then make it easy for customers to buy those products using Instagram Shoppable and landing pages.

If you have more questions about how to get your goods into the list of top selling products on Instagram, leave me a comment below. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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And always keep in mind… have fun!

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