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Total Shortcut Review | Learn More About the Total Shortcut System

You may have found us on Google while searching for an Totalshortcut review or Total Shortcut review, or maybe you just wanted to check out why everyone is talking about the IPAS2 System and what all the hype was about.  Or maybe you were already on our website and wanted to know more about the Total Shortcut Marketing System.

Blah, blah, blah…

Total Shortcut Review - Is TotalShortcut a scam - TotalShortcut system

It’s time for the real truth…. are you ready?

Have you heard people saying that TotalShortcut is a scam?

And that Total Shortcut is charging tons and tons of money for it?

What’s truth and what’s fiction?

I get it… you want to build your own business but you want to make sure you are involved with the real deal.  I don’t blame you at all.  Bren and I wanted the same thing when we were looking for something to promote.

So we found Total Shortcut… which leveraged (ok… borrowed) ideas from other systems out there and then IMPROVED on them dramatically.  And now they are working hard to keep well ahead of the game and the competition is scrambling.

So what do some competitors do now?  They say “Total Shortcut is a scam” or mislead  you on system costs so they can try and get you to join their opportunity.  Talk about desperate… but then unfortunately some people will say anything to get your business.  That’s why Bren and I would be MORE than happy to chat with you.

If you want the truth, and you don’t get the answers you need on this webpage, then feel free to reach out to us on Facebook.


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Again, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.  We’ll also qualify you to make sure that IPAS2 is the best system for you.

Ok, Let’s Get Back to Our TotalShortcut Review…

If you have had any interest at all in how to make money online, you may have done some research and already know something about Empower Network or Total Shortcut.

In a nutshell, the Total Shortcut Marketing System is a… leading edge, revolutionary, all inclusive, prospecting and marketing system for people building an online business.

What Is iPAS2 Review

Total Shortcut is pretty exciting because there is nothing like it.

And it wasn’t a mistake that you found us.

We are the mentors you need to be successful with Total Shortcut.





We, Bren & Mike, will help ensure you have the resources you need to
build an online money making machine. *

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We will help ensure your success by providing you the necessary guidance to successfully build an online business.


To create a sustainable flow of business on a consistent basis you got to have a system!

Without a system you don’t have the direction and guidance needed to build and grow a business.

The Total Shortcut system is a sure-fire-6-figure shortcut to success that will bring prosperity to those who choose to use only the best and have the desire to make things happen.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS about the Totalshortcut system, or online marketing, and are ready to join be sure to contact us.

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What Is the Total Shortcut System?

The IPAS 2 System, or Internet Prospect Acceleration System, was setup to accelerate your ability to prospect new business into your series of sales conversion emails and system.  Or in other words… it helps get people to purchase into your business using automation and coaches.

It is the “Brain Child” of Master Marketers, Chris Jones and Dave Wood, and they created the Total Shortcut Marketing System for people wanting to take their business to the next level.

Totalshortcut was created when two systems, IPAS2 and Empower Network, were combined to create the perfect marketing system.

Total Shortcut is a system built by marketers for marketers.  And it doesn’t matter what your experience level is, or where you live in the world… can help you either start or accelerate the growth of your online business.


Total Shortcut was built upon three principles that virtually every business needs:


This system was mapped out completely using these three principles, and then created, people all over the internet celebrated.

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The Total Shortcut System

The Total Shortcut  SYSTEM, a crucial and critical component of any online business, will help you save Time, Energy, and Money.

Without a system, most of us are wondering around aimlessly in the fog, and doing work but not really accomplishing anything. A system helps correct that.

The Total Shorcut System Gives You Leverage

This takes us to the next element that the Total Shortcut System gives you, which is LEVERAGE.

Leverage is where your results are multiplied from your effort.  We all work on a 24-hour time schedule. Our time is limited, our resources arguably more, and our skill set likely has patches and holes that need fixing and help.

The good news is that you don’t have to be everything and know everything in order to be successful online.  You need leverage.  You need a team that cares, respects, and values your time as much as you do.

That is where TotalShortCut comes in.  It is a plug-in-play, franchise-like system that brings you the ultimate leverage in building a successful business that pays dividends without you having to do everything and know everything under the sun.  Unless you know how to clone yourself, you need Total Shortcut to leverage your time, energy, and money.

Automation with the Total Shortcut System

On a similar note, when you are building and sustaining a business you quickly realize you can’t do everything.  You need AUTOMATION to help build and grow your business.

All the tedious tasks and tiresome tribulations need to be automated, or at least “outsourced”.  This automation allows us to get in there and actually lead our business and make high level decisions instead of working in the trenches every day.

Total Shortcut does that for you… it is built around automating the process of building your business.  And it was build around the shell of the Empower Network opportunity to help even further maximize your results.

Total Shortcut Wealth Formula empowers us affiliates and members to attract a much larger audience, giving you a 6-figure short cut.

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Total Shortcut Marketing System Tour

Once you get inside TotalShortCut we begin to build rapport, and a cool laid back relationship of trust, with every single one of your prospects… Do you want your system automatically presenting to your sales leads… every single day… 24-hours a day… on YOUR behalf?

Taken step-by-step in a fun but professional fashion, your prospects get treated like VIPs as they learn and begin to embed their own imagination into the system and the process… “Imagine what I can do with this system…?” and the process of ownership begins to take place…

Nothing is left to chance and everything is covered inside this amazing educational process and your prospect is fully educated on just how powerful owning and using this system can be for them…

Watch the Total Shortcut System Tour


Facts have NEVER sold anything. Stories sell. Relationship sells. Trust sells.

Work smarter, and not dumber! Let everyone else pretend that facts and figures and features sell… you see their (lack) results, right? Those people keep desperately pitching on Facebook trying to get a couple bites…

Market like a true professional. Build trust. Deliver value. Create relationships with people you have never known before…. without having ever physically having met them…

TotalShortCut… so, what makes us different? Who we are makes us different.  The system we use makes us different. Why we do what we do, makes us different. The collective experience from the trenches on this team from bonafide full time expert marketers… makes us different. We’re not playing games here, we’re creating leaders. We’re making millionaires. Who else wants to run with a First Class Team and System?

In a world where amateurs run pitching hype, selling smoke and looking like total fools on webinars slaving away explaining “facts and features and tactics”… that are dime a dozen on Google… the TotalShortCut system works intelligently to create the bonds that truly build empires. Don’t get caught playing checkers on a chess board!

TotalShortCut - Mike MarkoiPAS2 - Mike Marko - ipas system

Total Shortcut Costs

The costs of the Total Shortcut system is as follows:

  • Basic IPAS2 system is worth $497/month.  Discounted cost to you is: $47/month
  • Six Figure Shortcuts has advanced training to take your business, and really any online business, to the next level.  The training itself is worth $497.  Discounted cost to you when sign up with Bren & Mike is $197.
  • IPAS2 Pro gives you the ability to use the coaches to help your new team members, and additional tools to give you very accurate tracking of leads and sales.  Worth $297/month.  Discounted cost to you with you when sign up with Bren & Mike: $97/month.
  • Bronze IPAS2 Level give you the first level of the profit maximizers, which including the powerful blogging platform.  Worth $297 per month.  Discounted cost to you when sign up with Bren & Mike: $144.95/month plus the basic IPAS2 system.
  • Silver IPAS2 Level gives you the training to help become a top producer in the industry.  Worth $997.  Discounted cost to you when sign up with Bren & Mike: $500 one time plus the Bronze IPAS2 Level.
  • Gold IPAS2 Level gives you additional training to help you build a large team and organization.  Worth $1,997.  Discounted cost to you when sign up with Bren & Mike: $1,000 one time plus the Silver IPAS2 Level.
  • Black Card Level gives you training to take you to the level of guru in your business.  This training is a must have for anyone serious about making a lot of money online.  Worth $4,997.  Discounted cost to you when sign up with Bren & Mike: $3,500 one time plus the Gold IPAS2 Level.  This is a total of $5,316.95 OR you can buy the black card profit maximizers at a limited time discount for a TOTAL of $3997 plus the profit maximizer affiliate license and the IPAS2 products.
  • Physical black card give you access to the special VIP black card events: $19.95.

You don’t have to be at the Black Card level to be make money.  The level you need to be in at depends on your personal financial goals.  You can contact us if you have any questions about what level to come in at.


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Features of Total Shortcut Marketing System

The features include:

  • Easy to setup.
  • Unique Funded Proposal System that pays 70% on all front end sales.  This means you make money from smaller sales to help pay for advertising.
  • Simple design and functionality for optimal conversions.
  • Real-Time Live Chat within the sales process.
  • Highly trained, professional business coaches to train and up-sell your leads without taking a percentage of the sales.
  • Weekly live new member training that gets your people excited and pumped up heading in the right direction from the start.
  • Simplified purchasing process that consolidates all the Empower Network products into 4 basic TotalShortcut packages.
  • Custom email series to help convert leads into sales.
  • State of the art, real-time campaign tracking.  You can watch how well your advertising is working minute-by-minute to help avoid wasting your hard earned money on something that is not working.
  • And lots more…

Bonus For Joining Bren & Mike

In addition to everything else, there is actually a bonus for joining us.

When you join Bren & Mike you have access to joining OUR INNER CIRCLE.  In addition, we’ll mentor you so that you can replicate what we are doing online.

You won’t have to worry about having to do it alone.  You will also have a team of coaches, in addition to our mentorship, to make it easier to build and grow your business.  We love teaching, and we share everything with our team.

If you still have questions about TotalShortCut, check out our iPAS2 FAQ:

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Now what?

Click the NEXT STEP button below to get setup with your iPAS 2 trial  if you’re serious about building your network marketing business.

You need to team up with us, Bren & Mike, instead of anyone else because we are committed to your Total Shortcut success.

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Total Shortcut System - TotalShortcut - Total Short Cut systemTotal Shortcut System - TotalShortcut - Total Short Cut systemTotal Shortcut System - Total Short Cut systemTotal Shortcut System - TotalShortcut - Total Short Cut system

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Contact us to help you start your path towards financial freedom, or just want to learn more about the Total Shortcut System.

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Learn more about the TotalShortcut profit maximizers by checking out this Empower Network Review and this Kalatu Review.


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Total Shortcut Review | What is Total Shortcut by Empower Network - mike marko -

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Article: Total Shortcut Review | What is Total Shortcut by Empower Network

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