How You Can Use The Emails You Collect With Your Website

How You Can Use The Emails You Collect With Your Website

“How You Can Use The Emails You Collect With Your Website” written and video by Mike Marko.

In the previous blog post, we talked about What Is The Number One Reason For Having a Website.  So now that you have been collecting emails (either just starting, or have been for a while).. now what?

Well the obvious answer is to email your list.

But there is also another use we’ll be talking about today.

How You Can Use The Emails You Collect

In the following video I talk about how to use the emails you collect with your website.

VIDEO: Another Way To Use The Emails You Collect

Emailing Your List

The most common way to use your email list is to… well… email them.

Emailing your list regularly is an important part of marketing online.  If you are giving value, you should be emailing your list at least once a week.  You can use Google Analytics and your autoresponder analytics to experiment and determine the best day and time to email your list.

Personally, I actually prefer to email my list daily if I can.

I give a lot of value in my emails, and the content can usually be consumed within 5-10 minutes, so I feel it’s ok to send the content daily.

Now there are a lot of things to consider when emailing your list… but we won’t be covering these today. We do have other blog posts for tips on email marketing, such as:
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Using The Emails In Facebook

Another cool thing that you can do with the emails you collect is use it for your Facebook ads.  You can take the email list and import it directly into Facebook Power Editor for ad targeting.  Its perfect for retargeting people you already know have been exposed to your brand.

Using Custom Audience in Power Editor, you can upload the email list to Facebook for ad targeting.

Then once you have that Custom Audience created, you can further use the email list to create a Custom Audience that is a “Lookalike Audience”.  This means Facebook uses the Custom Audience you created, and find people that have similar profiles so you can also target them as well.

That’s a super powerful way to use your email list.

Final Thoughts on How To Use The Emails You Collect

As I discussed you can use your email list not only to send emails to so they are exposed to your brand, but you can also use it to create Custom Audience in Facebook for targeted marketing.  Combined together you have a really good way to make use of the email list you collect.


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How You Can Use The Emails You Collect With Your Website - Mike Marko

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Article: How You Can Use The Emails You Collect With Your Website

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