Tips on Using Twitter to Promote Business

Tips on Using Twitter for Business

Tips on Using Twitter to Promote Business” written by Mike Marko.

Are you looking for some effective tips on using Twitter to promote business?

As one of the most powerful yet underrated marketing tools, it comes as no surprise that more business owners are being advised to use Twitter. But using Twitter to promote business is far different from how Facebook and Instagram are used.

Twitter is primarily a communication platform, and it serves to do that in real-time. This means that tweets are published and seen instantly.

Knowing what to post and when to post is an important aspect of the marketing strategy in order to get attention.

But, how does one does one do that? How can a business attract followers and turn them into customers on Twitter?

In this article, we’ll share tips on using Twitter to promote business.

Creative Ways of Using Twitter to Promote Business

With millions of users sending out tweets every second of the day, Twitter is undoubtedly an effective tool for business owners to communicate to their consumers.

More and more businesses are slowly realizing the importance of this two-way communication for their business. This sets the foundation for establishing stronger relationships with existing customers and attracting new ones.

Before you jump onto your Twitter account and tweet about whatever comes to your end, take a note of these tips on using Twitter to promote business in order to do it effectively.

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1. Tweet Constantly

If you want to get noticed on Twitter, you should tweet constantly, but not consecutively. There are approximately more than 3 million monthly active users on Twitter.

With this number of active users, it is easy for your tweets to get lost in the noise. This means it is possible that more than half of your followers will not receive your update.

In addition, being an active Twitter user gives people an impression of your reliability and legitimacy. An active user gives impact to followers and allows you to stay in your followers’ minds.

However, be careful not to spam them either. Make sure to limit your posting to 1-4 tweets per hour, at most.

2. Tweet Smartly and with Sense

Make sure your tweets are relevant to the photos or videos that are included in them.

Your tweets should make sense when it comes to providing details about your products or services. This ensures that your content remains relevant to your followers and gives the impression that you have focus and a target market.

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3. Use Promotional Tweets

Promotional tweets are useful. You can use your tweets to promote special rewards to your followers in a way of a contest. Not only does this increase engagement (and even sales), but also makes your followers feel exclusive and valued.

4. Become an Authority on Trending Topics

Tweeting about trending topics allows you to tap into an audience outside your existing circle. It also enables you to position yourself as an authority. Make sure that you only do so on topics are related to your business.

Straying far from what you are already known for can leave your followers confused.

To be an authority, provide accurate information to your followers. This information can them be distributed even further by using hashtags in your tweets. Having a feed with high-quality posts will entice people to follow your account.


5. Use Twitter as an Innovative Customer Service

Because Twitter is used for real-time communication, it can be utilized as a platform to provide excellent customer service. This means being able to reply to every customer inquiry and feedback promptly.

Answering questions regarding products, services or acknowledge customers who tweet about your business can eventually result in sales.

6. Run Twitter Analytics

Make use of the various tools offered by Twitter, with Twitter Analytics being the most important one.

This allows you to check on how your followers are responding to your content on their twitter feeds. From there, you can moderate and filter comments to ensure harmful ones are eliminated.

You can also gain insight on the best day and time to post in order to reach the most audience. Using this information gives you the chance to tweet and appear on your followers’ feeds when they are most active. This results in increased engagement, leads and even sales.

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Final Thoughts on Tips on Using Twitter to Promote Business

Despite various testaments on the effectivity of the platform as an online marketing tool, many businesses have remained hesitant to jump in on the action. The main reason for this? Using Twitter to promote business requires a different strategy from marketing on Facebook and Instagram.

But it is not as hard as people imagine it to be. In this article, we shared tips on using Twitter to promote business to make it easier for businesses who are still lost on how it can be used.

It is important to tweet constantly, but with sense. With so many tweets being distributed on a daily basis, your updates can get lose in the noise. Having regular and quality updates can easily grab the attention of followers.

Quality tweets can also establish your business as an authority on relevant topics that may be of interest to your followers too. You can further increase engagement by running promotions exclusive to your customers on the platform. However, ensure that you are able to respond promptly to any inquiries or feedback received.

If you have further questions on using Twitter to promote business, you can leave your questions below.  Be sure to check out my Comprehensive Guide to Twitter Marketing for more tips.

And always remember to think before you tweet!

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