From Nothing to Getting On the Path to Early Retirement

“From Nothing to Getting On the Path to Early Retirement”
written by Mike Marko.

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From Nothing to Getting On the Path to Early Retirement

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I was on course to having a dismal retirement… just scraping by using our savings up instead of “living the dream.”

I remember it was six years ago, when I decided to really get into planning my early retirement and my children’s education. I was working as an engineer for a fortune 500 company and I thought I was doing pretty good.

I had a great job, and was putting the max in my 401K for my companies matching contribution.

I had run some calculations and knew I had to take action.  If I kept on the same course I wouldn’t have enough to live comfortably in retirement, just like so many professionals like me who can barely make ends meet in retirement… either that or having to work through retirement to supplement my income.

I had tried real estate, but I quickly realized that rental properties were going to take a while to build up income and I flopped at flipping a house.  The end result was a mountain of debt…

[Let’s fast forward to when I gave birth so you know exactly what I did and how I got on track for a dream early retirement.]

I felt stuck. I didn’t know what to do at that point. Real estate wasn’t going to help me achieve early retirement, never mind the dream life I wanted for my family. It was frustrating because I wanted better for my family.

I didn’t want to live life scraping by like many professionals who retire.

It was either that or I would have to work even in retirement.

I wanted the dream!

My Dreams of Early Retirement Seemed Impossible

I can feel despair while writing this now, because writing this is like reliving my past. But it gives me strength to know that now I can share with others how to put their financial house in order like we did.

I know now, I have the ability to share my story and motivate others, maybe yourself and to tell you that there is hope and a way to achieve your dreams and early retirement if only you put your mind and heart into it.

Ever felt like you’re doing everything possible and yet you’re still stuck?

We struggled for a while at first, not making very much income, because we didn’t have guidance or an easy plug-and-play system. I almost gave up on searching for ways to early retirement… resigning myself to having to scrape by in retirement.

I spun my wheels for a while without gaining any traction. We blogged, tried various marketing methods, but nothing was working.

I failed miserably. I had only signed up a few people who were doing what I was doing. Therefore, when I failed, they failed because of the lack of knowledge and education of proper marketing.

I knew I needed the right guidance, but after trying so many opportunities and repeatedly failing, it was hard to trust anything else that came my way not knowing if it really worked or if it was truly the one.

Failure Seemed Imminent Again

As I almost gave up, I came upon this opportunity and saw the success that so many people were creating. It was so different because people were posting proof of this system truly working. The best part was that, unlike the past things I tried, the results shared were really theirs and they were not claiming other people’s results as their own.

Like any Corporate business you work for, it takes time, dedication, and focus to earn just enough to get you by. The only difference is, the time, dedication and focus I put in, was not to help build someone else’s dream and future. It was to build my own dreams and reassure my mine and my family’s future.

With all the struggles I’ve faced, I now know it was worth the journey. For a while there I didn’t think it was possible to achieve my dreams of early retirement and live the life I have now, but each day gets better and better as we climb the leader boards and share my struggles with others and guide them towards the right path.

Early Retirement

We have since been able to travel and stay and beautiful hotels and mansions.

Early Retirement

retire early

I’m not showing you this to brag or show off. It’s simply to show you what is possible. If you’re like me with big dreams for yourself and your family, I’m telling you there is a way to get a hold of your dreams and achieve early retirement. Don’t allow others to control your life because you are capable and deserve living the life you truly want.

If you feel that there is more to life than what you have now, then most likely there is and it’s your birthright to have it.

Want to enjoy life more with your little one(s) like I do? Then you can!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is, if you don’t like the situation you are in, then change it… Look back in the past of how your life used to be and how life is now. If nothing has changed, then it’s time to make a change.

I highly encourage you to subscribe to my FREE “How to Build a Brighter Future” video series and watch the videos. I had put this guide together because it has allowed me to turn my dreams into reality and can do the same for you.

You will also have the access to the system that has helped me overcome all obstacles that lead me to my success and you will understand how it can lead you to your success.

From Nothing to Getting On the Path to Early Retirement

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From Nothing to Getting On the Path to Early Retirement - Mike Marko

Author: Mike Marko
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Article: From Nothing to Getting On the Path to Early Retirement

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