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“Work Smarter Not Harder” written by Bren Koger.

Which Type Are You?

You’re visiting a big city like NYC or Miami and you decide to checkout the nightlife. After looking online you decide to go to the latest hot spot, a trendy dance club.

When you arrive at the club you see a line winding down the sidewalk and you know from their website they have a strict door policy. The chances you won’t get in are considerable.

What Do You Do?

How you handle this situation could be a reflection on how you handle life in general.

Work Smarter Not Harder - quitterQueenie Quitter.

You give up and go to another less awesome club or go back to your hotel room for the night.





Work Smarter Not Harder - UnderhandedUnderhanded Harry.

You try to bribe the bouncer with a c-note, sneak in under the rope, or use a recycled wrist band. This works sometimes but is highly risky and mortifying if you get caught.






Work Smarter Not Harder - Brute ForceBrute Force Bob.

You either buy your way in with a ridiculously expensive VIP ticket or arrive hours early to wait in line for several hours.












Work Smarter Not Harder - RockstarRockstar Robin.

You exude confidence. Smile easily. You’ve done your homework and match the dress code. You show up dressed like a rockstar. You are so awesome the crowd parts and you go to the front of the line.









Which One of These Types Have You Experienced in Your Online Business?

In our online business we have experienced examples of all of these types of people.

The Queenie Quiter’s start an online business and quit before they even truly get started. They decide that any amount of effort is too much effort and have a self-defeating mindset from the start. They let fear and panic stop them from stepping out in faith and believing that’s it’s possible to get what you want.

Underhanded Harry’s spam their offer on other peoples webinars or posts. They scrape email lists, tell half truths and do whatever is necessary to get a sale. They bash another offer and probably show up to a diner empty handed just for the free food.

Brute Force Bob works harder than anyone else He shuns the automated tools and doesn’t attract people who are self motivated. He spends a lot of time helping others with their problems instead of empowering them. He likes to do things for himself because he can’t trust the quality of other’s work. He doesn’t mastermind with others. He stands in line on a black Friday to save $10 and has a work ethic that could put an Olympic athlete to shame.

Rockstar Robin emits an energy of fascination. She is authentic and comfortable in her own skin and confident without being egotistical. She is truthful and authentic and leads by example and passionate about what they does.

We’ve All Been A Bit Of Them All

I’m sure almost all of us have exhibited any one of these quantities to a certain degree in our lives and all but the first example probably accomplish their goals.

But rockstar Robin tends to work smarter not harder without the backlash of Karmic debt She emits an energy that attracts quality and long term success. Brute Force Bob will have a degree of success out of sheer determination, but will not be as successful as he could be if he aligned with the right energy.

How do we become more of a Rockstar Rob?

Work Smarter Not Harder with CAP

Put a CAP on



Certainty is the basis for confidence. When you are certain about your ideas, your plans and your actions, you will naturally project an aura of confidence. There will be no need for underhanded tactics or stepping on other people to get ahead . By developing certainty, you will project an abundance of confidence that people will notice, respect and admire.

Have a plan that you have thought through and once you make a decision don’t second guess your plan. Forge straight ahead with your head held high. Knowing that you will succeed



Authentic people accept their life experiences and feel the emotions that arise. They don’t repress their feelings and let them fester up. Anxiety and guilt arise from not being present. If we doubt our ability to handle challenges in the future, we create anxiety. Guilt results from feeling bad about past mistakes or people we have hurt. Authentic people experience life challenges from a place of love, forgiveness, and gratitude.


Authentic people are impeccable when they speak to themselves, about themselves and others. They are mindful of the energy behind words and believe they are worthy of love and peace of mind. They have a healthy approach to life by knowing there will always be naysayers, and their opinions don’t matter.


Authentic people create their own rules based on the standards that resonate with them. They have the courage to live their lives based on what they believe is right. This type of empowerment gives them the inner strength to withstand temptation and build self-confidence. When you have the courage to share your shame and guilt, they no longer have power over you.


Authentic people don’t allow their fears to prevent them being themselves. If you are focused on being true to yourself in every moment, you are less concerned about the potential for rejection from others. Nothing is more liberating than being yourself as fully as you know how.

Being authentic is a daily practice. It is a moment-by-moment choice of embracing your truth and being fearless enough to share it with the world. When you have nothing to hide and you can freely be yourself with everyone, there is a profound peace and confidence you will exude to the world. -Tejal Patel


Once you find your passion and begin living your passion, your enthusiasm for life will positively infect people.

You will become like a lighthouse in the darkness. Imagine the world as a dark place and your confidence lights up a given area so other people can see.

Finally, realize that small success breeds confidence. In fact, success acts like a virtuous cycle where small successes will increase your confidence by a small amount. By sticking to your plan and striving for greater accomplishments and meeting the challenges of life successfully, you will feel evermore confidence.

When you work smarter not harder, you will accomplish your goals that much faster and you will feel better for it.


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